kansas city chiefs nike shoes 22mm Black Rubber Watch Band – Comfortable and Durable PVC Material



QUALITY REPLACEMENT BAND: This watchstrap perfectly balances fresh fashion with feasible function. Made of durable PVC material, this band will instantly bring new life to your watch. Try this stylish look today!DIMENSIONS FOR BEST FIT: Fitness is key, so to find the optimal fit for your watch, make sure to measure your watch??s exact lug width or the spring bars/pins will not fit. You may also consider searching online for the exact lug width and specifications for your watch. The lug width of this particular item is 22mm, and the length is 125×75 mm long or about 5???? x 3????. The size of your watch will also determine the final fit.ULTIMATE COMFORT: Soft, smooth, with a stainless steel buckle to top it off, this strap is designed for maximum comfort that fits all men and women! So whether you??re in the office, at the gym, in the wild, anywhere! ?C always remember that this is the perfect complement to any lifestyle!EASE OF USE: Easy to detach and reattach with your spring bars! Superb value! The perfect complement to any lifestyle!THERE??S MORE: Be sure to check out our vast selection of other PVC, NATO, and leather watchbands. There??s a watchband for any occasion, so look your very best at every moment! Order multiple styles in order to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe!


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